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Wonderlabs: Hire the Top Indonesian Developers

Keith Tan
October 14, 2017


There are three reasons why you should turn to Wonderlabs to help you build your team of Indonesian Developers:

Reason #1: A lot of our Singapore and Hong Kong clients look to Wonderlabs to hire Top Indonesian Developers because they simply can't get top technical talent in their home countries at an affordable cost.

Reason #2: As the client, you have full control to pick the Developers that you hire. You can interview and technically test them. We conduct a couple a personality interview and technically test the talent ourselves too. This makes sure that you know what you're getting with an Indonesian talent.

Reason #3: Wonderlabs takes care of all the administrative stuff - like performance reviews, handling payroll, taxes, insurance, medical benefits, office equipment, welfare and so on. These are important aspects to attract Top Indonesian Developers, and that is why we provide a significant suite of staff benefits.

If you want to look at hiring Indonesian Developers, let us know and we can start the search process - no obligations, no risk. We only proceed if you find a candidate you like, and meets your requirements.

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