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I was wrong.

Posted by Keith Tan on Jul 22, 2017 3:59:35 PM

Today marks the 20th day since I moved to Jogjakarta. A little over a year ago, we laid down a light footprint in Jogjakarta to build an offshore development centre for the development of our own product - Hyperlinked.io - which has since been buried. 

As time went on, we pivoted through the product-market-fit struggles.To survive and keep paying salaries, we started seconding our talented developers to augment the teams of others. That led us to the business model that we have now - helping companies set-up and manage their offshore or offsite development teams in Jogjakarta. In 12 months, we grew from just 3 people to now, over 60 people, and we now service clients in Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong. And there's more expansion to come.

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