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I was wrong.

Posted by Keith Tan on Jul 22, 2017 3:59:35 PM

Today marks the 20th day since I moved to Jogjakarta. A little over a year ago, we laid down a light footprint in Jogjakarta to build an offshore development centre for the development of our own product - Hyperlinked.io - which has since been buried. 

As time went on, we pivoted through the product-market-fit struggles.To survive and keep paying salaries, we started seconding our talented developers to augment the teams of others. That led us to the business model that we have now - helping companies set-up and manage their offshore or offsite development teams in Jogjakarta. In 12 months, we grew from just 3 people to now, over 60 people, and we now service clients in Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong. And there's more expansion to come.

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Yuk, Terus Bangkitkan Motivasi Kerja!

Posted by Dianty Anggraini Putri on Jul 17, 2017 6:39:10 AM

    source: Freepik

    Perlukah motivasi kerja untuk karyawan terus diperhatikan? Bayangkan sebuah perusahaan adalah sebuah perahu yang berisi beberapa karyawan yang berkewajiban untuk mengayuh perahu agar sampai ke tempat tujuan. Ada pula pemimpin perusahaan yang dalam gambaran tersebut memiliki fungsi untuk mengarahkan karyawan dalam mengayuh perahu. Meskipun si pemimpin memberi gaji cukup, namun bisa saja karyawan merasa bosan karena kurangnya motivasi dan hanya dituntut untuk mengayuh perahu untuk memperoleh gaji.

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Memimpin dan Memotivasi!

Posted by Dianty Anggraini Putri on Jul 11, 2017 2:39:36 PM


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