Singapore Hiring Tech Talent in Indonesia - Good Idea?

Keith Tan
September 13, 2017



Are you a Singapore company? You might be thinking of hiring tech talent in Indonesia and wondering if it is a good idea. I am here to tell you - YES. Especially so if you are a Singapore company - then hiring tech talent will create immense value for you. Here is why:


Reason 1: Singapore is EXPENSIVE.


Facts do not lie - the international index says Singapore is an expensive place to live - food is extremely expensive. Then, there's transport. It costs at least SGD250 ($178) a month for public transport - with the occasional Uber or taxi ride thrown in. And then, there's housing. Rents for three-bedroom apartments in popular River Valley start around SGD4,000 ($2,850) and go up to SGD7,000 and above.

My verdict - it is no longer about thriving in Singapore, it is about surviving. And its getting harder to do so. We at Wonderlabs help Singapore companies hire and manage tech talent in Indonesia. The reason why you will reduce cost and unlock value by hiring tech talent in Indonesia - is incredibly simple. The costs of living in Indonesia are dramatically lower. Trust me - I've moved away from Singapore and am based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia now!


Reason 2: You save cost by hiring tech talent in Indonesia. But exactly how much?


Facts do not lie. Here are the numbers:

By hiring tech talent in Indonesia, you can reduce your overheads significantly.

Here is how much a Singapore company saves if you hire tech talent in Indonesia (specifically, Jogjakarta or Bandung) - 80.56%

Here are some other interesting numbers - If your home city is - Hong Kong - you save: 80.80%; If your home city is - Sydney - you save: 88.15% (we also service clients from these two other locales)


Reason 3: There's a shortage of talent in Singapore!


It is a fact that Singapore faces a shortage of 20,000 software developers to support our current economy. The challenge is that Singapore companies have problems hiring tech talent in Singapore. That's the reason they are turning to Indonesia. In our two years operating our business in Indonesia, we have built a highly proprietary list of Indonesia's Top 5000 Software Developers. We continuously target this list with job offers and profile our clients to them. If the time is right, and the offer is right, they will join your team. This list includes Indonesian software developers that are highly skilled in all the major development platforms and languages. We pride ourselves on delivering true value to our clients - helping them hire tech talent in Indonesia!

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