Part 3: Why the "Enactus Experience" was so crucial to my entrepreneurship journey

Keith Tan
August 27, 2017


Whenever I am asked what is the one experience that a young leader should have, I always say - the Enactus experience. And I'm not one for exaggeration.


Here are a few of the many reasons why its an experience that will change you - for the better:

1. Learn to present like Steve Jobs, or even better than Steve Jobs.


The competition forces you to present in a manner that is world class. And while you might not realize this now, these communication skills will give you an advantage for the rest of your working life. Being able to communicate your ideas succinctly and effectively makes all the difference. 


2. You learn how to compete on a global stage


When you're a young student, few opportunities give you the opportunity to compete on a global stage. This rare exposure will set you up to compete against anyone and communicate to anyone. This is something you will need in an increasingly globalized world, where there are no borders to business.


3. Learn how to network like a champ


If you're like most Singaporeans, then networking does not come naturally. Enactus events will inevitably force you to speak to leaders of large corporations. This will train you to be able to speak on your feet and be able to talk to a random stranger about anything. 


4. Look spiffy while you're doing it


The best part, I saved for last.


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