Hire Developers in Indonesia - Vs "Programmers"

Keith Tan
October 6, 2017


You might be interested in hiring developers in Indonesia. But you might be asking what is the difference between a programmer and developer.


Many people work as front-end developer, back-end developer, back-end developer and so on. Programmers and developers currently represent the most wanted jobs in Indonesia, and possibly the world. But many people think that programmers and developers are in fact an interchangeable term. Perhaps in other parts of the world, but not in Indonesia.

Here are are the differences between "Developers" in Indonesia and "Programmers" in Indonesia:


A typical Programmer's Job in Indonesia: Solve problems using programming languages such as HTML/CSS,JavaScript,PHP, C++ etc. Usually, the work of a programmer needs understanding of algorithms and they usually work by themselves. They should master one programming language, at least. They should be graduates of universities, and should major in computer science, or information technologies.


A typical Developer's Job in Indonesia: A "developer" is a trained programmer who not only solves a problem, but create a viable product that creates value. In short, a "developer" is of a higher level than a programmer. Developers write code and develop products based on the principles of design and the standards of software development. These include, code efficiency, maintainability, scalability, robustness and security as well.

Developers can be described as a person who is conversant in multiple system and program languages. In fact, in the opinion of Wonderlabs, developers are professionals (a profession), who can work with others, and is proficient in communication skills. They need to have sufficient experience in solving problems and thus can quickly identify methods which will yield results.

Last Word: At, we hire developers with a minimum of three years of working experience. If you want to find out more about our operating model, and how we help companies Hire Indonesia's Top Software Developers, click here:

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