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Hire Indonesian Developers - Wonderlabs is Here

Keith Tan
October 14, 2017


As you might know, we scour Indonesia to the top Indonesian Developers. 

We recruit top Indonesia Software Developers. We put them to work for companies at our campuses in Yogyakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. We supervise them and keep them productive. You save cost.

AND: Just like hiring your own employee, you will know exactly how much the talent is getting paid. We simply charge a transparent monthly management fee per position hired.

Here are some of the amazing top Indonesian Developers who have passed our recent pre-screening:

  • Fullstack PHP Developer [Monthly Billing Rate: SGD 1,885]: Suryadi
  • Android Developer [Monthly Billing Rate: SGD 1,185]: Singgih
  • Android Developer [Monthly Billing Rate: SGD 1,235]: Derryfianto
  • UI/UX Designer [Monthly Billing Rate: SGD 1,935]: Rizky

If you like what you see, find out more about our Operating Model here:

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