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Hire Top Indonesian Developers and Save Cost: Here's How

Keith Tan
October 14, 2017


Looking to Hire Indonesian Developers? Here's how you can still save cost while hiring the top talent that Indonesia has to offer.

Fact #1: Numbers don't lie. If you are a Singapore or Hong Kong based- company, here is how much you will save when you hire a Top Indonesian Developer, of comparable skill and competence.

Singapore vs. Jogjakarta, Indonesia: 80.56%

Hong Kong vs. Jogjakarta, Indonesia: 80.80%

Do note that we hire and locate our Indonesian Developers in Jogjakarta and Bandung. Traffic is better vs. Jakarta, and costs of living are dramatically lower - as much as 35%!

The cost of maintaining headcount is often a hidden cost to employers. These include items such as medical benefits, rental cost, Internet, utilities, cost of computer equipment, cost of office furniture, and welfare benefits. With Wonderlabs, we take care of all of these costs for a fixed fee of SGD 485 per month, per headcount. 

Now if  you hired a developer in house, you would have to incur overhead costs ontop of the salary component. Here are the estimated overhead costs that you as an employer incur ontop of the salary component when you hire a person in-house.

If you are in Singapore: SGD 766.73;

If you are in Hong Kong: SGD 961.92.

So essentially, when you hire an Indonesian Developer with Wonderlabs, you save costs on two fronts - the first is from the salary component, and the second if from the overhead costs which you now no longer incur. 

Fact #2: Supply of Developers in Indonesia is increasing steadily. For example, Software Developers with 3 to 5 years of working experience number 535,464, in 2017 Project Managers: 179,099, in 2017. This bigger talent pool means there is much higher probability that you will find a top Indonesian Developer at a cost you can afford. We focus on developers with 3 to 5 years of working experience, because this represents the sweet spot - a good blend of cost effectiveness and experience. you'd like to find out more about how we can help you recruit and manage Developers in Indonesia: 

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