Finding Our Mission - The Career Rocket Sessions

Keith Tan
September 14, 2017


14th September 2017 - It's been a week since we launched the Career Rocket Sessions. They have been productive in learning more about each and every single Wondernaut. The question I am pondering over is - how do we get this to be done on a large scale - for 600, or 6000 people. I am truly inspired by the potential of these sessions. Perhaps even the Wondernauts who are participating in it may not realise the potential this programme will have. But I have great hope and anticipation for it. The proof shall be in the pudding. If we look back 3 years from today, and for each and every single Wondernaut to feel that they have grown immensely, through their own efforts and will, then we have made a positive impact in this world. And let us make that our mission - to build people.


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