4 Management Rules I Abide by

Keith Tan
September 5, 2016


Working in the digital world has taught me many lessons about communicating my message to the people who matter. Whether it's assuming they know very little about what I'm saying or turning down friendly advice from a “well-wisher”, I've learned a lot. 


4 Management Rules I Abide by

In this post, I share the four management rules I abide by, especially when selling a digital service.


4 Management Rules I Abide by


1. Keep your messaging clear

It’s easy to assume that some things are just, duh, common sense — but in reality, most things aren’t. It’s familiar to you because you’ve been thinking about it all this while. It’s wrong to assume that your audience will know what to ask or that they’ll even give you their undivided attention. So keep things simple — if an idiot doesn’t understand you, then you’re the idiot, not him.



4 Management Rules I Abide by


2. Stay laser focused on your target audience

The more focused you are, the more successful you will be.  Get really good at understanding your core audience. Be the audience and you'll be able to adapt as their needs change.  Listen and always make sure you create a positive user experience for them.


4 Management Rules I Abide by


3. Embrace the friction

User friction isn’t always bad — it keeps your service clean and with minimal crap. If people aren't willing to invest a bit to get what they want, they're probably not going to stay long. But remember not to go overboard — too many captcha forms or even form fields aren’t just obstructive, they’re just plain irritating; striking a balance is key.


4. Speak Up

Think of the end goal — you know it the best. There are many other people who will tell you how to reach this goal, but don’t be afraid to speak up and stand your ground. Know the goal clearly and have a concrete plan of getting there. This way, no one can undermine your ideas with their suggestions. You’re a professional — don’t let anybody (even me), tell you otherwise.

Last Word: If you want to find out how we use these rules in helping our clients build and manage an offshore technical team, read about our Operating Model here:

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